Welcome to Black Anvil Shaving!

My name is Maciek. I'm a artisan shaving brush maker, wetshaver and straight razor collector. I live in Enfield Co. Meath, a small town in the midland Ireland.

Black Anvil Shaving is a one man project. I'm a self taught woodturner I make shaving brushes using the woodturning lathe and traditional tools. No CNC or any higher technology fancy machinery. Just like hundreds of years ago (except electric motor on my lathe). 

I like working with wood and resin. Most of the wood I'm using is locally sourced, Irish Native hardwoods like bog oak (this wood is awesome), cherry, spalted beech, elm, yew etc. Sometimes I'm using exotic Wood as well. 

When comes to resin, I'm pouring my own blanks. No two alike, every blank is different and i try to not repeat colours.

I love using traditional tools, intresting handle materials and quality shaving brush knots.